Tuesday, 18 October 2016

quake2 MATRIX MOD server --

I have a quake2 matrix mod server running, ip -port --
Get mod from my files section and join server
once in server type exec matrix.cfg in console
if you want you can edit the matrix.cfg file to your liking or rename it

ok have fun , bye from macanah , hope to see u there, ok bye :)

btw the server is based in australia
if you want to run your own matrix server leave a post on the forum
and i can help you
ok bye

Sunday, 16 October 2016

mr damage kingpin site

link ----    http://www.kingpin.info/index.php

it has regular news updates and a large file section.

give it a visit

Kingpin is also on sale on steam for $9.99 us last time i checked.

bye from macanah :)

free screen saver program editor

Hi here is link -- https://www.gphotoshow.com/compare_gphotoshow_features.htm#.Xrp04sARVhF free version was fine for me just remember to c...