Thursday, 4 May 2017

My three quake2 coop servers now have voteable maps

Hi i just setup map voting on my three quake2 coop servers with q2admin, brazen coop, gibrack coop and normal coop. Just type maplist in console to view votable maps. Type vote map "mapname" in console to vote for a map and type vote yes or vote no, in console to vote.

List of voteable maps;

mnhspcoop5n mnhheatdown mnhspfirstlook mnhfrigwogv21a 1964 lamber 666 5fiffy1 aftermath1 angron1a arkan0 avarice boat60 borax2 cemetery chemp clean cold olde1 contact e1m1 costas.p covert1 cr8redge crash1 crspq01 darksun dawgfite deadwrld deathis defens deja deserted destiny devilish dkpalace dnspq1 downfall dpowers drill dyv1 energy escape eq2_sp1 eq2_sp2 fa fin1b4 fun gloom1 gml grunt guardian heatseek heavyind hexq2 hhope hideout homers7 housese iao1 ksp70 ksp71 levelance5 liger marty medieival megsp1 mercy missile mixspq1 moutpost mutated o&c octasp opelim opinfo orbfort orion osa osa2 patrol pdream pharm pipedrm pm1 points pow psh01 q2stars q2strogb q2telcmp q2towers qah1b quad_hunt rat1 recon redpen remains risc1 rpg2sp1 sandr saving semper06 sgar smarena spacep0 spb1 stench1 tab1 tac2 tbase1 timebase wdf1 wreckbase zebo1 idcbase3 iksp1 incarc infill infokill ise sacred1 krazza kronik

Have fun :)


new q2admin version on my q2 servers

 Hi i have a new q2admin version on my q2servers modified by qwazyrabbit -- this should stop server crashes on map voting on the coop server...